The Webbs have been artistic tinkerers for generations

Throughout our family tree there have been creative thinkers, artists, photographers and more recently digital designers, who are now spread over three continents.

Triggered by the passing of our Grandfather John Webb (a design engineer himself), founders Edd and Sam decided to combine their unique talents to start the Webb Design Company, a multi-purpose design studio based in Exeter, Devon.

But who are Edd and Sam?


Edd is a wonderful weirdo, who spends the majority of his time away with the fairies. He’s usually in deep thought about some tricky design problem but often comes out with an incredibly in depth analysis of something completely useless (like a more efficient Pringles canister).


From an early age Sam set his sights on becoming a professional skateboarder, unfortunately after many years and a few broken bones he realised his talents didn’t quite follow his ambition. Luckily for us he shifted his dedication to the creative industry and now enjoys problem-solving through innovate design and sometimes still landing a kickflip or two.


Our first job as The Webb Design Company was actually designing and developing the studio itself. When we took the project on it was the dilapidated pump rooms of the former Queen Vic, pipes and posters included.

Since then we’ve completed phase one, (removed the pipes) smashed the place apart, and then slowly and with lots of expletives, built it back up again. We’ve featured the beautiful original oak beams and kept the beaten up old concrete floor (complete with old beer keg scratches) while adding in our own modern touches.

Fortunately for us (and mostly thanks to our brilliant team of contractors, friends and family) we’re left with a unique and on-trend design studio that we love. We were able to completely tailor the fixtures and fittings and transform the studio into a creative workspace worthy of being our base of operations. There’s still some bits and bobs to finish, if our clients ever give us the time.

Wanna come see it? Get in touch with us and book in a meeting!